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Our vision for our P.E. curriculum

It is our aim that for all our students at Cullompton Community College to be inspired through their experiences in physical education, school sport and physical activity that will lead to lifelong participation.


Our PE curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils develop the fundamental skills and competence to excel in a wide range of physical activities by providing a broad & balanced curriculum with opportunities for all to be enjoyed. Through Physical Education and sport, our students will learn to develop the important qualities of perseverance, discipline, resilience, communication, collaboration, respect and commitment. By the end of year 11 our students will leave school with the knowledge and understanding of how to lead a healthy active lifestyle and appreciate the social, mental, physical benefits sport and exercise can bring. 

In KS3 students will be exposed to a broad range of experiences and activities to widen their knowledge of PE, skills of peer assessment, values of sport and they will develop these through their school life time. We adhere to the National Curriculum so students experience team games such as rugby, football, netball, cricket or rounders. They will also engage in racket sports such as tennis and badminton. In addition, students will experience aesthetic activities such as gymnastics and dance. Students will also learn more of the importance of fitness and the short and long term impact on the body systems within a Health and Fitness unit. We also place great emphasis on the sport of athletics where students can strive to achieve their personal bests whether it be at a class level or representing the county at the National championships. We invest a great deal of time into school sport with a large number of students representing the school across a wealth of sports and encouraging the elite athletes to fulfil their potential. 

By KS4, if the timetable permits, students are given a choice of activities that they hopefully will continue forward into their lives after they leave school. This includes time spent in the Fitness studio where students develop their own six week Fitness plan. In Year 10, students are also offered the opportunity to follow the nationally recognised Junior Sport Leadership Award. Students can also opt to take GCSE Physical Education with a lot of our students furthering  their studies in this area when they go on to college or sixth form. Next year we will also be offering the Cambridge National Sports studies course as an option too. In time, we hope that students will promote the benefits of sport and exercise to the next generation. 

Year 7

Students will be given opportunities to explore different ways of preparing for exercise in a number of different activities.  Students will develop knowledge and understanding of the 3 parts to an exercise session and be confident in using key terms (e.g. dynamic stretching).  Students will have knowledge and understanding of key components in fitness and are exposed to different fitness testing methods beginning to link them to various sporting activities.  We aim to ensure that our students will have an understanding of the immediate effects of exercise, confidently using key terms to describe the effects. Our curriculum will ensure that our students will be given opportunities to appreciate the social and mental benefits of exercise, and be able to articulate what these are.  Students are provided with a number of different sporting activities with competitive elements and exposed to values of sportsmanship and fair play, are provided with a wide-range of different activities and challenged to fulfil their potential.

Year 8

Students will be able to lead small groups through an activity specific warm-up and and tailor these according to the sport / activity (e.g. football - striker).  They will be able to confidently use key terms to justify their warm-up. Our curriculum will develop our students’ knowledge and understanding of the key components in fitness and ability to evaluate the importance of these in different sports.  They will take more ownership of the fitness testing and evaluation of their own performance. Students will develop their understanding of the longer-term physical effects of exercise, making explicit links to various body systems (e.g. cardiovascular system).  Students will be given opportunities to appreciate the social and mental benefits of exercise, and be able to articulate what these are using key terms and be able to link these to everyday life. We will develop our tudents’ social awareness of working with students with a variety of different ability levels and enhance their leadership abilities through activities taught. 


Years 7 and 8 Curriculum Overview


Assessment in PE is continuous. Through questioning students show their understanding of techniques, tactics, rules through both self and peer assessment. In Years 7 & 8 students complete an Assessment booklet at the end of each unit of activity, self assessing in a range of strands. The class teacher also assesses each student according to each strand which is then used to gauge an overall grade. Due to the new GCSE being 70% theory, we have introduced some longer-answer style questions which students complete allowing them an insight to the expectations of the exam course. Next academic year, we hope to introduce a new assessment system on google allowing for the opportunity of students completing part of this at home.

At Key stage 4, the GCSE PE students follow the AQA syllabus which consists of two exams each worth 30%, three sports each worth 10% and an Analysis of Performance worth 10%. The Cambridge Nationals Sports studies course has a coaching and officiating section alongside the theory and practical elements.

Curriculum Overview