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Following a one day short inspection on 14th March 2017 our excellent Ofsted report confirms that Cullompton Community College is a school where pupils across the full range of abilities thrive and are cared for.  Inspectors commented positively on the orderly environment where pupils are respectful, both to one another and to adults. Pupils told inspectors how well supported they feel, and how much they appreciate opportunities that the school provides.
“There is good challenge for the most able pupils. Their work is of a high standard and is well presented.”

“In mathematics, the most able pupils were adept at using their reasoning skills to explain how they solve complex problems. Teachers’ feedback encourages pupils to deepen their understanding.”

“They are confident, self assured learners”

“The standards in many subjects, particularly in science and English are high.”

The report notes that pupils were animated about the support the school provides to help them understand opportunities, the skills required and how to achieve their career ambitions.

This, the report clarifies, is because the college arranges an extensive range of opportunities to raise pupils’ aspirations, including visits to Oxford University.  The college ‘robustly challenges’ stereotypes in employment, and girls and boys show interest in a wide range of careers.

Pupils and parents told Inspectors that they feel the school is a safe place, and students describe a culture of tolerance and acceptance.

The report’s author, Her Majesty’s Inspector Iain Freeland, described finding that pupils who have additional needs are well-supported through careful planning by teachers. Parents are also very involved with the school in helping their children to succeed.  Consequently, he says pupils in almost all year groups are making strong progress,

The report is testament to the way staff, governors, students and parents work really well together and gives us a mandate to forge ahead confidently with great plans for the future.


Ofsted “.. top 10% of schools in the country..”