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Here you will find timetables for scheduled exams, including mock exams. Please click on the relevant link as the timetables are published.

  • All students are expected to register before they come to the Hall for their Mocks.
  • All bags are to be left in the Dining Room area, unless you are advised otherwise.
  • All exams will be held in the Hall and Drama room.
  • Seating Plans for the day will be on the windows outside the canteen, as normal.  Please check where you are sat before entering the Hall.
  • Once your exam has finished and you have been dismissed you are to return to the lesson that you would be in for that time of day.  You will be expected in that lesson and failure to turn up will result in a truancy message being sent home.
  • If you have clashes on your timetable then you will be advised which exam to sit first, you will be advised when the other exam will take place.
  • Usual regulations apply in the exams, there are to be NO mobile phones, ipods or headphones.  Any drinks bought in must be in see through bottles and only water is allowed.


 GCSE Exams Timetable May - June 2020 .

March Mock Timetable