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Our College Council consists of student representatives from different year groups.

The representatives are:

Year 11            -        Vinny Clark 11TSD, Gedminas Vielius 11TSD, Luke Vosper 11SRA

Year 10            -        Ben Wigmore 10TAC, Charlotte Sowden 10TAC, Matthew Gallagher 10TAC

Year 9              -        Abi Foster 9CEH, Riley Goodland 9LIS

Year 8              -        Amy Bell 8GDS, Joel Foster 8YBR

Year 7              -        Tiggy Foster 7LZK, Jack Pope 7LZK

We meet weekly to discuss College issues and to promote the College in the community.  Last year we gave out a survey to every pupil in Years 7 – 10, asking them what they thought was good about the school and what could be improved.  There were many excellent suggestions but the most popular results were as follows:

  • Paint the school using more colours
  • More benches and outside seating around the site
  • Outdoor shelters
  • Better changing rooms
  • New sports kit
  • Goal posts on the field
  • To be able to hire footballs at lunch

This year, we have introduced our new PE kit, which has been in high demand and many of the older students have bought it was well as the new Year 7s.  It also gives a great impression to other schools when we go out to sport competitions and events.

Another improvement we made in response to the survey was the decorating of the upstairs and downstairs corridors and it brightens up the school and looks a lot more attractive to any guest wishing to view our school.  The planned next phase of decoration, for the remainder of the upstairs corridor and foyer by the library, will show the new Commitment, Collaboration, Celebration slogan for the school.  This is designed to motivate pupils and the Celebration is related to our House Point system, in which pupils who exceed expectations will be rewarded.

This year we will also be doing more fund raising in order to improve the facilities in and around the site so that pupils can gain more and enjoy their time at CCC.

We believe that students and staff can work better together by communicating effectively and the College Council exists as a professional forum for student voice.  Each tutor group will elect two representatives to present their tutor groups’ views to the College Council.  Students are proud to take on responsibilities as Prefects and assist with Clubs; last year our group of Sport Leaders worked brilliantly with and organising Primary School activities, and represented the school extremely well.

Mrs Phelan, the Headteacher, attends our meeting every week.  This is to assist us and inform us about any other problems that we should address.  We keep students up-to-date through assemblies and tutor time so that everybody can be involved.

If you would like to get involved or help with anything at all, please get in contact with

Mrs Phelan at the College or email us at

If you wish to respond to the School Council Survey please follow the link:

School Council Survey Spring 2016