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Essential to a child’s success and happiness at school is the relationship between the school, students, parents and carers. We wholeheartedly believe in working together and welcome the support of parents and carers in promoting learning and in reinforcing high standards and the highest aspirations. By working toward the same goal we will enable our young people to learn more and achieve the best. We look forward to working with you.

End of Year Letter July 2018



Parents and Carers are able to purchase chromebooks through the school.  We have chosen one of the latest models that is "ruggedised".  This means it is "spill-proof" and drop tested from 1.4 metres.  It has been designed and built for the education market, which is why we choose the HP Chromebook 11 G4EE.  We also supply with a warranty and a neoprene case.  Parents that purchase a chromebook usually do so to allow their child to use it in school.  So that all our students are safe, we place the chromebook in our google domain.  This allows us to filter content to meet safeguarding requirements and best practice.  This filtering is applied when in school and when at home.  Therefore, some web content will not be available to students when at home, just as it is not when in school.    More details of these are available by clicking the link below.  "Other models are available" and can be purchased in major retail outlets.  However, if a parent or carer chooses to do this there will be a £20 fee to licence the chromebook to our school domain so we can meet our required e-safety and safeguarding obligations.  (This £20 fee is included in the price of a Chromebook when purchased through the school).

 "Order form to express interest in purchasing a Chromebook"

Year 10 Personal Safety Impact Day Overview

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