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Curriculum Overview

Drama is a popular subject at Cullompton and students achieve well at Keystage 3 and Keystage 4. We provide an enjoyable and creative learning experience for our students to participate equally to develop both their drama skills and group skills.
We have two drama spaces fully equipped with lights and sound which now allows us to offer technical aspects of theatre and adds to our smaller studio space.
Key Stage 3
In Year 7 and Year 8 students are introduced to a variety of drama techniques and ways of
working so that they are able to devise their own work and develop confidence and group skills. They are introduced to drama strategies and key drama skills and concepts which are developed progressively. They use these to create, rehearse and perform their own work. Students also learn to evaluate performance and write about drama using the correct vocabulary.
Units of work covered

Year 7
Sharing Stories – Students are introduced to drama skills through stories from different cultures. Freeze-frames, mime and improvisation.
Silent Movie – Students learn how to use non-verbal communication and perform in a physical way.
Greek Myths- Students will use their skills to create an interpretation of classic stories
Mime and Movement – Mime and movement to communicate ideas to an audience.
Genre – Looking at different genres.
Skills focus-Voice, movement, characters, audience awareness.

Year 8
Darkwood Manor – Exploring story through improvisation, characterisation, freeze-frames.
Dickens – Role play and improvisation, dramatic reading and characterisation.
Commedia dell’arte – Physical theatre exploring stock characters and situations, mime, devising.
Shakespeare - Exploring the plays and preparing for performance
Status- Developing characterisation, body language, voice.