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Year 10 Visit to Oxford University

Posted by on April 28th 2016 in Featured News

Year 10 Visit to Oxford University



Bethany Armand, Amber May, Allana Smith, Jasmine Wright, Vinny Clark, Matthew Foster, Fraser Goodland, James King, Lewis Selley and Joel Taylor set off early on Tuesday morning bound for Oxford University. As part of the Gifted and Talented group the students had a wonderful and informative day in Oxford and have written the following report:


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Helen Ballantyne plays the cello with Devon Youth Orchestra

Posted by on April 14th 2016 in Featured News

Cullompton's Got Talent 2016

Posted by on April 13th 2016 in Featured News

This year's annual Cullompton's got Talent contest was a huge success, showcasing the students' diverse talents, passions and hobbies.

Ranging from Soloists to Group vocals, and from a rock band to Ballet, the young performers impressed the judges, family and friends.

The winner was 12 year old Molly Davey, who performed a hip hop street dance. She threw herself into her fast paced performance to enthusiastic clapping from the audience. Even more impressive is the fact that Molly has had no formal training and choreographed the dance herself.

She was thrilled to win the competition and with her prize - a Google Play voucher for...

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